About Us

Hello all! We are Baby Jumble . We are made up of a small family of one Mama, one Pappy and 2 children (1 boy, 1.5years old, and 1 girl, 4 going on 14 years old) we started off with the urge to create a community that would encourage the health and well-being of every family that finds us.. Offering healthy food recipes for the tiny ones and great snacking advice for the toddlers while keeping the parents happy, healthy (and sane) .

Making healthy choices doesn’t have to be a pain it can be hugely enjoyable and can be a time where your kids can get involved and learn at the same time. Making meals and smoothies is great for kids as it teaches them about health, flavours, colours and is great for parent and child interaction.

We went on from there to think about what we could create to help people and make the healthy choices easier. We know that one way to keep health is to prepare as this helps un healthy snacking and emergency buys, so we created the ‘EEZY SQUEEZY POUCHES’!
With these we have found ait easy to prepare and children of all ages love it as it is easy to use and parents love it as it is so adaptable to their lifestyles and can be used in so many different ways!
Some Mamas take a couple of pouches out for their babies so to feed them their blended meals on the go as its easy to pour out onto a spoon.
A few Pappys have used them to create amazing smoothies for their toddlers so they can have a refreshing snack when they are at the park!
We love to hear how you use our product so let us know your creative EEZY way to use our pouches.

Being a Mama and a Pappy we know some times it is easier to talk to another Mama about certain problems, or chat with another Pappy who could help solve something so we have separate email accounts for you to get in touch with us and ask specific questions if you need to!

We are easy to talk to and want to add value to each and every family so we hope our product, the community or us personally can help in some way.
Take care,
Mama and Pappy.